Colour is of pre-eminence in my work whether it is a painting, a drawing or a felt wall-hanging.

I have been a Felt Artist for more than 25 years and a Painter for many more.  

My preference in fibre is for Merino and the acid-dyed colours provide the glorious hues with which I work.  I process some fibre from local flocks and incorporate this into my work.  I frequently place yarns into the work, either felting it into place or stitching onto the finished work.

In my painting I choose to use Watercolour or Oil.  Whilst with pastels my preference is for Northumbrian-made Unison pastels; their colour range seems perfect for the bleak upland places in which I love to roam, and their texture is perfect for me.

The mid-Wales landscape of the Pumlumon Range, Dyfi Valley and Cadair Idris are my inspiration and I’ve spent many hours getting wet, being cold, or basking in sunshine whilst observing an area which resonates at some deep level of my soul.  Raw, un-peopled places with vast skies are the starting point for my work and I have thousands of quick sketches I’ve made on my many, many walks.